by Dan MInoza

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ARTIST WEBSITE- relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profile/DanielMinoza

Ethereal Live presents release number sixteen with the incredibly talented guitarist and sonic adventurer, Dan Miñoza. Dan is widely known on the internet for his live performances at Stillstream and Electro-Music dot coms. Here for us today is his release “Tulpa”, yet another one of his live gems that we are happy to release on the net label.

Dan Miñoza is a guitarist like no other. Nothing you see or hear from Dan is anything you would expect from a guitar player, which makes him so unique in our opinion. One facet of Miñoza’s sound is his weapon of choice. Dan plays a Warr guitar which utilizes the “tap” method of playing that allows guitarists the ability to play single notes or chords with each hand. The approach is more akin to a keyboard based instrument than the typical style of guitar technique of plucking the strings. Dan, his instrument, and his intelligent use of software processing, particularly Native Instruments Guitar Rig, are a fantastic treat for the ears and eyes if you ever get the chance to see him perform live.

For this release, Dan has cut us a path to the world of “Tulpa”. Undeniably dark and foreboding, “Tulpa” is an incredible sound journey into the darkness of the night, with something sinister on the horizon throughout this superb live set. Indeed, we are most intrigued at the sounds that Dan has produced in this set, which are not at all resembling or hinting of a guitar. “Tulpa” is an original dark ambient venture that is suited well for deep listening, meditation, or just chilling out. Warning: could be dangerous for driving!

Composed, Performed, Recorded, and Mastered by Dan Miñoza
Cover art by Mike Hunter

We hope you will enjoy Ethereal Live 016 Dan Miñoza – Tulpa



released March 15, 2012


tags: ambient



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Ethereal Live is a privately owned and operated non-profit netlabel dedicated to releasing high-quality recordings exclusively from live performances of ambient, dark ambient, and space music artists.

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