Breathe and Tease

by Georgina Brett

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Ethereal Live welcomes live looper and vocalist extraordinaire Georgina Brett to the roster of artists at our net label. Based in the Uk, Georgina has been innovating ambient and atmospheric sounds using her voice and electronics. A strong improvisor and supporter of live music, we are proud to release Breathe and Tease today as our 25th release at Ethereal Live.

Georgina Brett in her own words:
"Breathe and Tease". A Vocal Live-looping improv by Georgina Brett

This Improvisation came out of a long season (November 2011 to May 2012) of weekly live webcasts. Several stylistic things happened during this time. I went through a stage of asking my audience what they would like to challenge me to do that week. As you can imagine this stretched my abilities beyond what I had naturally extended to. Tuvan Throat-singing, Inuit singing, singing like an Indian Tanpura, a song with the only word "Resolution" in it, and amongst many other things I had a go at a score by Agricola and some Bach preludes too.

I love exploring the voice as an instrument, in the medium of the loop. It is such an expressive tool. The voice is an instrument in itself, just as other instruments, there is no need to use words.

This is one track I felt very much stood on it's own. I like constructing a melody note by note and the loop allows you to change the phrase by adding notes where you like, sometimes a note at a time sometimes melodic phrases, sometimes more rhythmic.. there is a feeling of adventure. I don't want to do the expected, but to do the unexpected you have to set up some expected melody. It's a living meditation.. from second to second I generally haven't decided anything about the next bit. My aim is to create a moving matrix of vocal sound which progresses with delight in it's result at it's inception. An interesting factor for the listener is that you realise there is only one new voice at any one time, giving you the permission to relax. I assure the listener during the piece, there will be no sounds that will jog you, but plenty of unexpected changes in direction. There are many anomalies in this recording, lip sounds, mouse clicking, pedal pushing and perhaps the hint of a teaspoon in the cup. This is the hazard of collecting live work. Occasionally you want to share it because it is something you loved and perhaps other people will love it too.….

Hand-picked moments of the other webcasts have grown into my next album called "Nonsense" which will soon be available. This is part of a body of work I will continue to focus on. Along side this I also focus on works that explore language; expression, meanings, emphasis, and current social issues to do with communication.

Enjoy - Georgina

All material by Georgina Brett Copyright © 2012 CC/BY/NC/ND


released August 17, 2012


tags: ambient



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